David has developed expertise in the manufacture of wooden prototypes. In recent years he has worked successfully with young designer Sarah Matthews, on a range of children’s furniture, taking rough sketches and turning them first into traditional technical drawings, and then developing them on to fully working prototypes. In particular the requirement was to develop the furniture to the current British standards, something that the majority of brands on the market today do not comply with and a safety feature that the designer wanted to promote.

What Sarah had to say:

“I met up with a Norfolk cabinet-maker, David Evans. An old-school craftsman, he’d worked for the best English fine-furniture makers for years and was now making pieces in his own workshop using traditional methods.

Turning my designs into actual pieces of furniture was more tricky than I’d imagined. For example, David initially thought that the wave of cherry wood on the side of the cherry cot was impossible to make — but that’s what makes the cot so special, and so he found a way to make it. On the round cot, I insisted on having the cot gate hidden as I don’t like the look of standard metal cot runners and consider them to be an entrapment hazard. Again, David thought it might not be possible to have curved wood with a hidden gate mechanism — but after many sleepless nights and prototypes he made it work, and it looks just amazing”.

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