Built-in display cabinet and drawers for websafe-cabinetSometimes clients have very specific requirements for pieces of furniture. It may be the need to fit the piece into an exact space, or the piece may be required to perform a specific function.

The pine cabinet shown right looks like a fairly ordinary cabinet, but was carefully made to match other existing pieces of furniture and to measure to fit an existing safe inside.

Other projects have included housing a gun cabinet into an innocent looking mini-wardrobe, that looks to all intents and purposes like part of the bedroom furniture, but houses the locked gun cabinet which is also then fixed firmly to the wall.

Whatever the requirement David can take a brief and come up with some suggestions as to how a fitting result can be achieved.

Over many years David has made a wide range of pieces, from jewellery boxes, coffee tables, chess tables, to fireplaces.

Below are images of just a few of these pieces.

Commissions montage

Traditional cabinet-making skills applied to the modern world