Bathrooms are busy places. It’s where all the family spend time daily and it’s a key room in the house, especially for storage. There are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions you can buy, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for David can offer a bespoke furniture solution that will exactly meet your needs.
Below are a selection of Bathroom projects he has undertaken.

Bathroom2 Close-up-cabinet wood-panelling
Built-in Cupboard
This built-in Cupboard provides 
& neatly hides the plumbing 
at the bottom, and the fan extractor
pipe-work and electrics at 
the top.
Adjustable Shelving
Using a peg system, the shelves are
adjustable to accommodate varying
Rustic panelling
This removable panelling hides the
plumbing pipe-work needed to install
the towel radiator.


bathroom-cabinet built-in-bathroom-cabinet
A bespoke cabinet on hidden castors fits the available space exactly. This built-in bathroom cabinet neatly houses a water softener, as well as providing further storage.

Traditional cabinet-making skills applied to the modern world